Final Fantasy Versus XIII Release Date Coming Soon

 Final Fantasy Versus XIII Release Date Coming Soon

For Final Fantasy fans, it’s been a frustrating few years with the lack of information or an actual release for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Being announced just over six years ago, most fans have moved on and thought of the title as nothing more than vaporware.

As if your heart hasn’t been toyed with enough, a brand new rumor has surfaced regarding the release date.  PSX Extreme is reporting that a Square Enix executive stated that a release date would be coming at the Tokyo Game Show 2012.  Which executive? The individual providing the rumor declined to state who the individual was; how convenient!

While we’re definitely classifying this as a rumor, it would make since for Square Enix to unveil the title at TGS.  Titles that are Japanese developed or typically appeal to a Japanese audience really don’t see media blowouts at E3.  Developers of those titles are best able to capitalize on buzz and their audience during the Tokyo Game Show.

What do you think about a potential release date coming for Final Fantasy Versus XIII?  After all of this time, do you even care about the game anymore?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Final Fantasy Versus XIII in our forums.

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