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‘Tomb Raider’ survival guide: Episode #1

In preparation for the March release of Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics has started a new web series focused on revealing new features about the upcoming reboot as well as tips on how to utilize them and overcome the hazards of the island on which Lara Croft is trapped. You can check out the NSFW video below. […]Read More


New ‘Tomb Raider’ screenshots show off stealth combat

The upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider is still a few months away, but we have a slew of new screenshots to help keep you interested. Various action shots included show Laura sneaking, shooting, and fending off an attacking wolf. One even gives a brief glimpse of what the game’s weapon upgrade system might entail. Tomb Raider will hit a PS3, […]Read More


‘Tomb Raider’ will not feature swimming

Though it’s fairly customary for tombs to have water in which to swim, and many past Tomb Raider games have featured underwater exploration, the upcoming reboot from Crystal Dynamics will not feature any swimming. The reason for this is more simple that it might appear at first. Rather than muck around with a historically spotty […]Read More