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‘Tomb Raider’ coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Anyone who missed the Tomb Raider reboot from earlier this year will have another chance on their new consoles. According to an announcement at the renamed VGXs, a remastered version of the game is heading to both the PS4 and Xbox One in January, 2014. The release will launch at full price, but will also include all […]Read More


Crystal Dynamics downsized, ‘Tomb Raider’ sequel unaffected, new IP ‘re-scopes’

Crystal Dynamics becomes yet another in the tragically long list of developers hit with layoffs in recent years. The company announced earlier today that about a dozen employees were laid off. While the move did not affect the next-gen Tomb Raider sequel in development, a secondary unannounced IP is going through a “re-scoping.” Oddly, there doesn’t […]Read More


‘Tomb Raider’ DLC outfits leak

Crystal Dynamics has already proven it’s willing to push DLC for the recent reboot of Tomb Raider, and it looks like more is on the way. While nothing too substantial, screenshots of three different costumes have leaked. These will purportedly be available as DLC in the near future. Check out the shots below. While not the flashiest […]Read More


Square Enix charging $30 for ‘Tomb Raider’ language pack

Sometimes I really don’t understand Square Enix. The Tomb Raider reboot released in early March will finally reach Japanese shores later this month. Unfortunately, Japanese voice work wasn’t included in the original audio options. And with distribution services like Steam on PC, something had to be done. What was Square’s answer to this problem? A $30 “Japanese […]Read More