EA Gothenburg renamed Ghost

Located on Sweden’s west coast, Gothenburg is the home of newly named EA development studio, Ghost. Formerly EA Gothenburg, Ghost chose the city of Gothenburg because of “the plethora of highly talented game developers that can be found in that part of Sweden and its southern regions,” according to their website. Gothenburg has a population […]Read More


‘TimeSplitters’ HD remake petition surfaces

Those longing for TimeSplitters 4 can rest a little easier knowing that a petition for an HD re-release of the first three titles has been created. But, it needs your help. As of this writing, the petition has ~28k supporters out of its goal of 300k. The aim of the petition is to raise awareness […]Read More


‘Halo 4’ surpasses $220 million in global sales

The return to Microsoft’s knight in shining armor, Halo 4, has earned over $220 million in the first 24 hours it has been on sale. That’s more than many Hollywood blockbusters, according to a press release viewable on Xbox Live’s Director of Programming, Larry Hryb’s blog. “We’re thrilled that ‘Halo 4’ has emerged as the […]Read More