‘TimeSplitters’ HD remake petition surfaces

 ‘TimeSplitters’ HD remake petition surfaces

Those longing for TimeSplitters 4 can rest a little easier knowing that a petition for an HD re-release of the first three titles has been created. But, it needs your help.

As of this writing, the petition has ~28k supporters out of its goal of 300k.

The aim of the petition is to raise awareness of the apparent market for a proper TimeSplitters sequel by garnering petition signatures for an HD collection re-release in order to “test the waters.”

In an interview with Game Informer, Crytek CEO and president Cevat Yerli spoke about the community’s outcry over the lack of a TimeSplitters sequel and his thoughts on the aforementioned petition.

“…Unfortunately the petition doesn’t look that convincing,” he said. “…If they could get the petition together I would be very happy to put in front of decision makers in the company, the key stakeholders, and say ‘Look here. This is how it is, let’s make it now.’”

The TimeSplitters series, developed by Free Radical Design (now Crytek UK), had its start in 2000 with TimeSplitters. It was later followed up in 2002 with TimeSplitters 2 and in 2005 with TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. TimeSplitters 4 was announced in June, 2007, but has since been indefinitely postponed.

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