Along Came an Indie: ParaParaParanoid

The 2D platformer is nothing new in the world of video games. It’s one of the oldest genres, and is one that’s experimented with quite often. One of the more recent examples of this experimentation is an interesting little thing called ParaParaParanoid. I wouldn’t exactly call ParaParaParanoid a good game. The controls are frustratingly floaty and […]Read More


New Trailer for DOA 5 Shows Tag Team Action

The Dead or Alive franchise has always been the weird uncle of the fighting game scene. It’s had a few… questionable entries, but there have been some great moments in the series’ history. A few years have passed since we’ve seen a DOA on consoles, but Team Ninja has been hard at work on Dead or Alive 5, and there’s […]Read More


Rock Band Blitz Date and Price Announced

Music games have had their ups and downs over the past decade, but the team at Harmonix is still fighting the good fight with their next title Rock Band Blitz. According to Harmonix we can expect it on PSN August 28th and on XBLA the 29th, for $14.99 and 1200 MSP respectively. With their latest entry, Harmonix […]Read More


ESRB Reveals Vita Version of Machinarium

The folks over at Amanita Design are known for making some pretty weird point-and-click adventure games. Back in 2009 they released the steampunk adventure Machinarium for PC, and according to some updated ESRB info, it’ll be on the Vita soon enough as well. If you don’t know already, Machinarium is a somewhat surreal experience starring a little robot […]Read More