Along Came an Indie: Slender

Slender seriously freaked me out. Many games try to scare players, but the end result is usually ham-fisted and full of gore. Slender is subtle. It will creep up on you before you realize, and stare you down as you come to understand what really happened. You should probably play it before reading this, as the […]Read More


The Secret World’s First Update Hits July 31

Funcom has been trying to do everything it can to differentiate it’s latest MMORPG, The Secret World, from the herd of WoW clones and free-to-play games. They already have a few things going for them, with their modern, real-world settings, and conspiracy filled stories, but Funcom has also promised monthly updates.This won’t be the easiest promise to keep, but […]Read More


GameDev Bundle Now Available

It seems like every month there’s a new bundle of indie games to drop a few bucks on, and the latest entry is the GameDev Bundle. This time around it’s a collection of games made by a selection of Redditors over at the gamedev sub-reddit. There’s no minimum payment, and any amount will get you […]Read More