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Coming off from sites like XBLAFans, GameJudgment and TouchArcade, I'm looking to further extend my reach with the multiplatform news. I love all sorts of games from 2d side-scrollers to action/adventures set in fantasies or gothic nature like Castlevania. My 3 favourite games ever are Viewtiful Joe, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Chrono Trigger.


Here’s the launch line-up for the Ouya

Other than next generation consoles, the other new console out this year is the popular Android-powered Ouya. Over $8 million dollars was put into its Kickstarter and many of the backers are finally getting their early copies. We now have a list of all the games backers can currently play. Some will range from paid […]Read More


Ouya coming to GameStop and Best Buy in June

The Ouya, a much-discussed Android game console that was funded last year through the Kickstarter service, will be sold at GameStop and Best Buy stores this June. CEO Julie Uhrman let The Wall Street Journal know of this big news in a recent interview, where she discussed partnerships with more than the two major retailers mentioned above. Deals […]Read More


Square Enix Shows Some Support for OUYA

The recent Kickstarter phenomenon OUYA can add another developer to it’s list of supporters. In an announcement, translated by the fine folks at Square Portal, Squre Enix promised an Ouya version of Final Fantasy III at the consoles launch. No other titles were mentioned, but it was made clear that continued support is part of the game plan. OUYA’s Kickstarter […]Read More


‘TowerFall: Ascension’ coming to PS4

The previously Ouya exclusive Towerfall will eventually make its way to the PS4. New levels and features were promised at the Sony PS4 release event, but specifics are scant. Towerfall is an arena brawler which first launched in June of this year, which pits four players against each other in a high-stakes archery battle. Inspired by the likes […]Read More


‘TowerFall’ to come to PC in January

Despite numerous misgivings about the consoles, the one thing everyone who has played the Ouya can agree on is that TowerFall is freaking sweet. The archery arena game has frequently been cited as the reason to own an Ouya and the only real thing the console had over the competition, thanks to it’s timed exclusivity. However, […]Read More