These Madden 20 Tips Will Help You Win More Games

 These Madden 20 Tips Will Help You Win More Games

It’s officially Madden season which means that you are probably getting frustrated by your opponents calling plays that seem unstoppable.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite Madden 20 tips that will help you start winning more games right away.

Let’s start with one of the best RPO plays in the game.

We don’t really treat this play like a traditional RPO. We just throw the ball to our running back in the flat every time. He will usually be wide open.

You’ll also want to have some blitzes on defense. If you sit in coverage all game, you will get slaughtered. You have to make an effort to get some pressure.

Here is one really easy play that you will want to implement into your defense if you run a 4-3.

You’ll also want a play that beats every type of zone defense in the game. Just like we were talking about earlier, some people will just drop their defense into a max coverage look.

When they do that, we’ll call a new play added to this year’s game.

Hopefully these tips make you a better player in Madden 20. What are some of your favorite plays this year? Let us know in the comments!

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