Madden 20 Beta To Drop Sometime Next Week

 Madden 20 Beta To Drop Sometime Next Week

Another year of Madden NFL football is upon us with the news that a beta for Madden 20 will be coming next week.

Madden-School.com caught a tweet from the Madden 20 Launch director, Melissa, that confirmed a beta is in the works and should be playable the week after EA Play.

This is huge news for Madden fans that have been waiting for months to get a glimpse of the new game.

We should be able to see how the new Superstar X-Factor abilities work, how the new no huddle system plays out, and get a general idea of how the ratings have been tweaked this year.

Look for the Madden 20 beta to come out on both the PS4 and XBOX One.

You will likely need a code in order to play the beta but in the past, EA Sports has been pretty liberal with who they give codes to so if you want one and try hard enough, most people can generally give one.

We don’t yet know exactly what we’ll see in the beta, but there will likely be some sort of regular team online play as well as offline head to head games.

Remember that the beta is not a finished version of the game! It is a work in progress so don’t make too many judgments about the final game based on your limited time with the beta.

The beta version will likely last for around 2 weeks. Then Madden 20 will officially launch on Friday, August 2nd, 2019.

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