Madden 20 Player Ratings Will Be Much Different Than Before


EA Sports is launching a huge overhaul to their player ratings system marking the first time in years they are tinkering with the established system, Madden School reports.

In the past, we’ve always seen something like superstars being rated in the 90s, solid starters being rated in the 80s, and backups in the 70s and 60s. That system is no more!

In Madden 20, you will see starters with overall ratings as low as 50. That means that there will be a much bigger spread and we could see some 3rd stringers as low as 20 overall.

Initial community reaction has been mixed. Many fan favorites will see their player go from an overall player rating in the 80s to a player rating in the 60s in Madden 20.

One of the big positives for this change is that it gives a longer road for progression. In the past, you could draft an 85 overall quarterback in franchise mode and if you had a good couple seasons, he could be a 99 overall by his 23rd birthday. At that point, you really couldn’t progress any further.

Everyone knows that quarterbacks don’t reach their peak in only a season or 2, so the new ratings change will better reflect that reality.

Other small changes to the Madden NFL 20 franchise mode will include a new development system called, “X-Factor.” The development traits you will see in this year’s game will be: Normal, Star, Superstar, and X-Factor.

You will still be able to increase your development trait in Madden 20, but this year you will no longer see development trait decreases following a poor season.

The progression process in Madden 20 has also be tweaked to allow more players the opportunity to earn XP but details on that are still somewhat limited.

Look for more Madden 20 related news to drop on Thursday, May 9th.

  1. “Everyone knows that quarterbacks don’t reach their peak in only a season or 2, so the new ratings change will better reflect that reality.”

    It’s very, very possible that the Madden 20 cover athlete did exactly that…at least statistically. Mahomes could have a hall of fame career without ever having another 5000 yard 50 TD season.

  2. This would be really exciting if ratings actually mattered. The fact that I have 70 rated OL manhandling 94 rated DL or 70 rated LBs covering 90 rated WRs does not give me confidence that this even matters.

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