FIFA 19 Update #7 Patches Finesse Shots & Timed Shooting

 FIFA 19 Update #7 Patches Finesse Shots & Timed Shooting

As promised a few days ago, EA Sports has come through with a title update that attempts to balance FIFA 19 a little better.

This is the 7th title update for FIFA 19 and attempts to correct finesse shots and timed shooting that just about everyone at high levels of the competitive FIFA community were exploiting.

Here are a few of the key fixes included in the update according to EA.

  • We’ve addressed and tuned numerous areas of Timed Shooting and Finesse Shots
  • Tuned Goalkeeper movement
  • Fixed an issue in Career Mode where players were unable to grow their overall rating and instead saw a -1 overall in multiple screens. 

EA has dialed back accuracy for finesse shots making it much harder to get a successful shot off. The window to get a properly timed finesse shot is much smaller making the risk/reward trade off much more balanced.

What fixes do you want to see in the next FIFA 19 Title Update? Let us know your thoughts in the comment.

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