Madden NFL 19 Big Reveal – Everything We Know

 Madden NFL 19 Big Reveal – Everything We Know

EA Sports announced some huge news regarding their upcoming game, Madden NFL 19.  We now know the cover athlete, the release date, features, and some early screenshots courtesy of the Madden tips website, Madden-School.com

Madden 19 Release Date

Madden 19 will be available on August 10th for the standard edition.  The Hall of Fame Edition will be available starting August 7th.  This is moved up significantly from previous years.

Madden 19 Cover

Terrell Owens will be on the cover of the Madden 19 Hall of Fame Edition.  You can view the cover artwork below.

Madden 19 Features

ONE CUT: Control your ball carrier to change direction, avoid the tackle, and accelerate toward the end zone.

HIT THE HOLE: Allows your ball carrier to find the open lane, maneuver around your opponent, and seamlessly run through the lane for extra yardage.

PUSH THE PILE: Power through defenders at the line of scrimmage for that critical inch to get a first down or touchdown.

Madden 19 Screenshots

There is a lot more Madden 19 news with screenshots, features, and the full release schedule for those that are interested.

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