Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutting down this May

 Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutting down this May

Did you ever have a fun moment playing your favorite Nintendo Wii or DS games online? Well, now you’ve got until this May to do it again before the plug is pulled.

Nintendo has announced that on May 20th, 2014, the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services will cease operation. This means that the online features in all Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection titles will no longer function after this date. This isn’t the first Nintendo related service shutdown, as several Wii channels, such as the News and Forecast channels, were shut down in June of last year.

The features affected by the shutdown include the following:

– Online play and matchmaking
– Leaderboards and tournament data
– Sharing of user generated content (ghost data, user created levels)
– User exchange of in-game items or characters (Global Trade Station)
– Free add-on content or downloads (new levels, in-game items, Mystery Gifts)

The Wii and DS Shop Channels, as well as any video-on-demand services, such as Hulu and Netflix, are unaffected. WiiU and 3DS titles, which use the ‘Nintendo Network,’ are also unaffected.

For additional details, as well as a list of affected titles, please read Nintendo’s official statement here.

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