‘Madden 25’ Patch #3 Available Now On PlayStation 4 and XBOX One


EA Sports has announced via their Madden 25 news section that they’ve released a patch for the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One versions of Madden 25.  This is the 3rd patch (title update) for Madden NFL 25 on the next generation consoles.

The patch addresses Madden Ultimate Team, gameplay, presentation, and some general updates.  The full details are below.


  • Improved stability in all game modes
  • Various stability improvements for CoachGlass and SmartGlass


  • Fixed an issue where special moves on kick returners were over-effective
  • Tuned precision stiff arm behavior
  • Fixed an issue with heat seeker not working properly
  • Tuned knockout chances to improve catch rates in tight coverage


  • Fixed an issue where the MUT friends list displayed incorrectly


  • Fixed a bug where Roger Goodell’s suit was displayed incorrectly during the Vince Lombardi trophy presentation
  • Fixed an issue where vignettes displayed a black screen when loading into a Head-to-Head game, OTP, and MUT Head-to-Head game.

EDIT: The final Madden NFL 25 roster update has been released: View The Details

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