Sucker Punch details moral choices in ‘Infamous: Second Son’

 Sucker Punch details moral choices in ‘Infamous: Second Son’

Infamous: Second Son is set for release next March on PS4, and like the previous games in the series, this next-gen installment will again feature moral choices.

Creative Director Nate Fox spoke to OPM on the moral system about the Delsin, who makes his debut in this game after Infamous 2 more or less closed out Cole McGrath’s story. Similar to him, Delsin will find himself with unlocked powers following a disaster in his city, and will be met with choices throughout his adventure.

Like the other games in the series, Delsin will start out neutral and will have his alignment dictated by how he behaves in Seattle. However, unlike in the previous games the alignment will be determined less by massive story beats and more by smaller things. A specific example given is choosing whether or not to take an enemy alive rather than kill him when he surrenders during a battle. This event itself stems from how Delsin acts in the open world. Massive displays of power will frighten the citizens, and acting violently will only visit more violent force upon him. Fox also emphasized that taking the moral high ground and doing the right thing, particularly in those smaller moments in the heat of battle, will be far more difficult and will make you “feel like a superhero because you actually did the work.”

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