Next ‘State of Decay’ DLC already in development

State of Decay

Recently, Undead Labs released the Breakdown downloadable content for State of DecayWhile users on both Xbox Live and various PCs are enjoying it, Undead Labs already has something additional in the works.

During our correspondence with Undead Labs regarding our review for Breakdown, which is currently under way, we were directly informed that new DLC was already in the works.

The latest DLC was confirmed to already be in development and Undead Labs has already “mocked it up and started figuring out what we can and can’t do.” No specific timeline was given on when we can expect an announcement, but it’s exciting to hear that the development team is already pushing forward for more content for fans.

What do you want to see out of the next State of Decay expansion? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or continue the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. I am really enjoying all that Undead Labs has worked so hard to give us. My only wish is that we will see a more hard core survival mode in the next installment. I would like to shake things up a bit and make it so the player can choose their survivor and play as that survivor only. No switching. Our survivor can assist npc community’s via quests if they choose. Players will have to eat and sleep to regain health and stamina. Players would have to fortify a sleeping area before they sleep…ie, boarding up windows and doors in a home. Something like this is what I thought breakdown was going to be.

  2. I would like to be a kind of nomad-like survivor: live in any building, trade actual resources with other groups, etc..
    I’d also like to be able to become a nomad group, join one group, move to another, OR just keep moving as a few people (like 2-3 MAYBE 4) to any building, board it up or something maybe, and live in that building for a day or so.
    car seats able to be used as rucksack spots, seriously, you can have 4 people with rucksacks in a 4-seater car, so maybe in a truck you can give up a spot in order to have multiple rucksacks
    NPC drivers, I’d like to be a passenger a few times, and maybe shoot out the window if it’s broken
    more personal dialogue: sometimes I wish that you could have more story with certain characters, or at least a better story with ones that already have a story.
    A perfectionist/Harcore/Realism mode where you actually get infected with a single bite, and you usually die after that bite, but if a zombie doesn’t actually bite you, (like the zombies sometimes swing their arm at you) then you don’t get infected

    1. maybe even alternate campaigns for other survivor groups or starting off as a different character (like, you start off as Maya, or Thomas Ritter,, or even Sgt. Tan or The Sherriff of Trumbull valley)
      Mini-groups in your home: I’d like to assign some epic survivors to some kind of kill-group kind of thing: have them go out together, do missions together, etc..
      the survivors that you have to option to “chek in” I’d like them to actually do stuff: bring home a bunch of resources or find other groups of survivors, or maybe even (although this would be rare) secure a few buildings (like, board up a few houses or something)

      1. Adrenaline bursts and the ability to change clothing, maybe even different clothing as an additional resource (probably an effect of not having additional clothing is that you’d get sick easier or something)
        Adrenaline bursts: seriously, they’re not on like 5-hour energy or something 24/7, so maybe an adrenaline burst would be for if they get into a couple hordes minimum or something like that, and you suddenly get like, max stamina (if you don’t have max already, like if your tired or something, you get less then max) and you lose stamina a lot slower then normal, and every attack from the zombies does less damage to you, and you get max health back (if you don’t already have max health)
        you’d also get it if you get like 5 zombies and you have very low max health (like, your character is acting like they have low stamina because their health is so low)
        calling for help from your own home on your radio: wouldn’t you like to be able to have Jacob or Marcus come on over and save you if your Maya or someone else?
        characters keep carrying rucksacks even if you switch: sometimes I have two friends together when I scavenge, I have one of them with a rucksack, so I switch to the other one, and the former DROPS the rucksack. is that annoying or what? say one of them has an epic weapon and the other one has no weapon, but other then that they aren’t that different, I didn’t switch from a dead-tired character to a refreshed one, I just switched to the better fighter, why do I have to carry the rucksack?

        1. sorry if any of my suggestions get people hyped up and then they’re impossible, I’m just some guy filled with a lot of ideas.

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