CCP welcoming past ‘Dust 514’ players back with free stuff

 CCP welcoming past ‘Dust 514’ players back with free stuff

First impressions are paramount, especially when it comes to video games. Often times a weak start can turn you off from what turns out to be great game. Never was this more true for me than for Dust 514. The EVE Online spin-off FPS was, at launch, a bit of a mess, with terrible lag issues, poor gameplay, and bland visuals. So, after a match or two, I uninstalled the thing and never looked back. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, because CCP has just rolled out a program meant to welcome back people who have walked away from the game.

It’s really quite simple: if you’re Dust 514 account has been inactive for 60 or more days, you’ll receive a bunch of freebies upon your return, namely 100 copies of both the Black Eagle Scout and Quafe Scout dropsuits. In addition to that, you’ll also come back to find a massive collection of passive skill points, as they build up over time regardless of activity. In order to sweeten the pot even more, CCP has also outline a few of the things they’ve improved upon since version 1.0. This includes the following:

  • Rebalanced dropsuits, weapons, and modules to give more flexibility to fittings and reduce “instant win” weapons.
  • Improved aiming and controls
  • Reworked vehicles
  • Several new maps
  • Improved matchmaking

This is actually pretty surprising. It’s not often you see a company come out and say, “Hey, maybe we didn’t do this right first time round.” So, at the very least, CCP has managed to snag one return player, if only for a few matches so as to see if they aren’t talking out their ass.

Source: CCP (via The Escapist)

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