‘Gone Home’ to get a commentary mode in the next update

 ‘Gone Home’ to get a commentary mode in the next update

While talking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun recently, Steve Gaynor mentioned that there is an update for the game come out soon-ish that will feature a commentary mode. It’ll function not unlike, say, Portal 2’s commentary mode, where there’ll be little icons that you can interact with, causing an audio clip to play. In addition to the dev team, the commentary will also feature the voice actress for Sam, Sarah Grayson, and Corin Tucker, who was the lead singer of the two bands featured in the game. There’s no hard date as to when it’s supposed to come out, but they’re erring on the side of sooner rather than later. They did confirm that it will come to the Steam version, but did not say anything about the GOG version.

This makes me fairly happy. I’ve been meaning to give the game a second go around and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do it. Put me in the “can’t wait” group, please.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun (via Destructoid)

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