Frictional Games “looking into” bringing ‘Amnesia’ to the PS4

 Frictional Games “looking into” bringing ‘Amnesia’ to the PS4

It was announced earlier today, alongside a brand new gameplay trailer, that Frictional Games’ upcoming sci-fi gore-fest SOMA is headed to the PS4 as well as PC. The news came via the official PlayStation Blog, but Frictional creative director Thomas Grip had a little more to announce in the comments. Nothing is finalized yet, but Grip had a response for those asking about Amnesia’s potential as a PS4 release.

We are looking into Amnesia on the PS4. Cannot promise anything though.

This news isn’t that surprising, considering Sony’s track record over the past year. While Amnesia: The Dark Descent is about three years old, the game still stands as one of the best modern horror experiences in video games. Its sequel, A Machine for Pigs, released earlier this year.

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