Xbox One Developer: AAA Xbox One games cannot be snapped

 Xbox One Developer: AAA Xbox One games cannot be snapped

An Xbox One developer recently was on an Ask me Anything on Reddit and while there isn’t a ton of stuff that we didn’t already know, there’s some pretty neat details regarding some of the UI stuff in the Xbox One.

A user asked about the snapping interface that allows you to multitask as you game. He responded saying it’s only available for certain apps but interesting he noted that game titles cannot be snapped. He later went into more detail on what that exactly meant below since we saw Killer Instinct snapped with Twitch during the Xbox One reveal.

Basically, AAA games cannot be snapped which sounds like games such as Ryse or Dead Rising 3. But you can snap Internet Explorer in case you want to look up an FAQ. Looks like you won’t be able to Skype your buddy while you stab people in the Roman empire.

Other cool tidbits include how inaudible it is and how everyone didn’t even know the Xbox One name until the reveal event internally. Check it out if you have the chance.

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