Sony cancels ‘Warrior’s Lair’

 Sony cancels ‘Warrior’s Lair’

Sony has announced that the action RPG Warrior’s Lair has officially been cancelled. Originally revealed at E3 back in 2011, the game was presented as one of the first titles to take advantage of Sony’s Cross Play program. One purchase would net you both a PS3 and Vita copy of Warrior’s Lair, with the two platforms able to play together in multiplayer.

Since 2011 many other titles have taken advantage of the program, which could have played a role in its eventual demise. In the years since its debut, rumors of layoffs turned into rumors of a change in developers. But, as often happens with games that enter this style of limbo, we’ll never get our hands on the product itself.

Source: IGN
Via: Joystiq

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