‘Dark Souls 2’ to feature PC-centric development focus

 ‘Dark Souls 2’ to feature PC-centric development focus

The PC version of Dark Souls didn’t live up to standards and expectations set by the PC-gaming community, launching with several problems that required the modding community to step in and solve the issue.

With Dark Souls 2, however, developer From Software seems to have their sights set on PC development from the very start.

“Yes, we will definitely put more priority on the PC. Last time, we started working on PC after the console version was complete,” Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura told Shacknews. “This time, because we are considering the PC from the beginning, you can be sure there will be more care put into PC development.”

In New York at an event organized by Global Gamers Namco Bandai Days, Spanish website Vandal had the chance to speak with Tanimura, as well, and learned that the version of Dark Souls 2 that was shown to them was running on a PC. Their goal is to have the PC version running at 60 FPS and the console versions (360, PS3) running at 30 FPS.

No announcement was made for Dark Souls 2 coming to the PS4, Wii U, or the yet-to-be announced next Xbox, but asked if the engine used for Dark Souls 2 was the same one as the one used for Dark Souls, Tanimura told French website Gamekult that the engine for Dark Souls 2 is a completely new engine, “reprogrammed from A to Z. We have not included elements from the previous engine.”

On Wednesday, IGN premiered a 12-minute gameplay demo of Dark Souls 2 for the first time.

Did you play Dark Souls on the PC? Will you be picking up its sequel next year? Let us know in the comments below or over in our forums.

Sources Shacknews, Vandal, Gamekult, IGN

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