Paul Thurrott: Xbox 720 won’t be online-only for games

 Paul Thurrott: Xbox 720 won’t be online-only for games

The rumors of an online-only Xbox have been rampant since a creative director’s comments last week. But tech blogger Paul Thurrott has been told some interesting things regarding Microsoft’s next console.

On the What the Tech podcast, he said source informed him that the console will always be online but not be required for games. This buys into the whole notion of the next Xbox will interact with your cable box. That would require an online connection as would online games but you’d still be able to have single-player or offline experiences.

“The resulting¬†cacophony…where people are really freaking out over this issue is really wrong-headed,” Thurrott said on the podcast. “I’ve noticed that trying to stop the tsunami by standing in front of it is not the best strategy. But, I’ve tried to give some common sense reaction to this which is not working.”

He ended with a question from a user who has frequent disconnects and replied “It is inconceivable that the next Xbox is going to require the type of connection that you would have to maintain to play a high quality shooter online like Call of Duty,”

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