Outspoken Microsoft employee Adam Orth no longer with the company


Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft who famously has a Twitter account, is apparently no longer with the company. The news comes from Game Informer and their always anonymous sources. The outlet confirmed the rumor after calling the Microsoft switchboard to see if he was listed. He was not. GI went on to explain that they didn’t know if Orth voluntarily left, was fired, or asked to leave. I assume we’ll know more in the coming days.

All of this goes to show that if you badmouth half of your audience, it’ll have repercussions. In addition to all of this, Microsoft still won’t confirm or deny Orth’s claims about an “always connected” next Xbox. Fishy. If the rumor pans out, we should know more about Microsoft’s plans next month, in a pre-E3 showcase of the Next Xbox.

via Game Informer

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