Next-generation Xbox spotted on Microsoft employee’s resume

 Next-generation Xbox spotted on Microsoft employee’s resume

A lead software engineer over at Microsoft has added the next-generation Xbox to his resume on LinkedIn, and according to this employee, the hardware will have “cool new features.”

At this point, all major leaks and project outings might as well come from LinkedIn. Videogamer was first to spot the online resume of this Microsoft development engineer who seems to be leading the “Video Cognition Xbox team” at the company.

He sounds like a pretty busy man, with his responsibilities including “Video Processing for DRM’d Content,” and having to “design, implement and deploy video processing pipeline for DRM’d videos for indexing into the Xbox video catalog.” Add in “visual processing and scene detection,” as well as “feed generation for Xbox Smartglass layers,” and you have more than a full day of work.

The engineer is tied to a non-disclosure agreement concerning the next Xbox, so no solid information can be talked about at this point. It seems like we’ll all have to wait until the likely May 21 reveal of the Durango to hear more.

Is LinkedIn your new favorite source for the hottest tips? Do you think Microsoft likes people listing this kind of stuff on resumes? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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