In PlayStation Plus We Trust–April 2, 2013

 In PlayStation Plus We Trust–April 2, 2013

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that allows members to get weekly and monthly access to discounted games on the PlayStation Network, as well as the occasional free game. Sony has calculated that the $50/year service has granted thousands of dollars in savings.

Everyone loves free games, but nobody likes a free game that’s a piece of HDD-hogging garbage. “In PlayStation Plus We Trust” is a new weekly feature outlining the new free addition(s) to the Instant Game Collection to help you decide whether that newest freebie in the Store is worth your time.

This week, we take a look at the hair-tearing Atlus title Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls took the gaming world by storm with a notoriously punishing degree of difficulty. For one thing, you can’t pause the game to take a breather or sip a potion. If you die, you lose all of your stuff until you can touch the spot at which you died. If you die before that happens, it’s all gone for good. This is a world where even the weakest enemies pose a threat. The world itself is bleak and upsetting, and manages to be simultaneously devoid of life and bursting with character (that “character” being an utterly desolate vibe).

What makes the game such a slice of genius is that it is never unfair. The game indirectly calls attention to the relative ease of modern video games, and how even games that call themselves “hardcore” still hold players’ hands. This is a true hardcore experience, with an extremely steep learning curve and vicious punishment for messing up (to the point where the game actually gets more difficult if you die too frequently).

There’s a ton of options here too, from the multitude of classes to choose from at the start of the game to the massive pool of upgradable weapons and armor sold at vendors throughout the game. The online community is unique as well, with very little actual interaction besides being able to write short messages to others, as well as being able to see ghosts of players that have died and attempting to glean some sort of warning from their demise. There is really nothing else quite like Demon’s Souls, and it’s a fantastic, immensely challenging experience.

Verdict: Must Download


But that’s not all! PlayStation Plus also discounts a lot of games for hungry players, and the sales themselves are generally pretty good discounts that go deeper than the regular PSN Sales.

The Walking Dead

Telltale’s adventure masterpiece is a truly singular experience, and one of the most emotional games of the last few years. It’s just…so good. I really don’t want to spoil any of the game, but if you have ever had even a passing interest in adventure games or zombies, you should absolutely pick up every episode of the segmented experience at $2.99 each.

Rainbow Moon

I don’t know much about this game besides the fact that it’s an indie RPG with turn-based tactical strategy battles. Those are not terribly common these days, so it might be worth it to take a look. The reviews look to be generally pretty positive, so if you have been looking for a character-focused RPG, Rainbow Moon might just be for you at the almost-halved price of $7.99. You can also grab the game’s premium bundle for $8.79 or the soundtrack for $1.59.

Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer & Soldner-X2: Final Prototype

Again, no idea what these games are, but a quick search revealed that they’re arcade-style side-scrolling shooters. It looks pretty similar to all of the other ones out there, though the game looks like it might set itself apart with some really insane-looking weapons. If you like bright colors and a good challenge, you can get both of the games in one $6.39 bundle. Alternatively, you can buy the first game for $3.19 or the second for $3.99.

That does it for this week’s goodies! Check back next week to see what other fun junk the good folks at Sony have decided to bestow upon us loyal Plus customers.

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