Crytek USA to bid on ‘Darksiders’ IP

 Crytek USA to bid on ‘Darksiders’ IP

The Darksiders franchise has hit some hard times following THQ’s downfall. Nobody’s for certain what would happen to it and while it wasn’t part of the original bidding process along with Saints Row and Metro, it would be part of the legacy bidding later on.

Now we have some interesting words from the head of Crytek USA (originally head of Vigil Games) David Adam’s over on Twitter:

It does seem like the most deserving place to come back to. Happy to hopefully see it go back to its original home but I wouldn’t mind Platinum taking a crack at it if they could.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about Crytek USA bidding on its original Vigil IP or post in our forums.

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