‘Final Fantasy X HD’ will include ‘Final Fantasy X-2 HD’ on PS3, separate for Vita


While the wait for an HD version of Final Fantasy X has been long and straining on some Blitzball lovers out there, a new confirmation might have you getting more for your buck.

In the latest issue of Japanese magazine Jump, it was confirmed that Final Fantasy X-2 in HD will be bundled with Final Fantasy X HD. For those that don’t remember, X-2 was the pop fantasy starring Yuna, Rikku and new character Paine. They introduced the Dress Sphere system that let you use different costumes for different abilities. Similar to a job system in previous Final Fantasy titles.

The bummer is, both games will be separate on the PS Vita with the PS3 version getting both games on one Blu-Ray. Both version will have expanded content based on their International Version re-releases that came out after.

Still awesome to finally get Final Fantasy X in HD alongside its sequel. It might not be the most popular choice but a lot of fans do heavily enjoy X-2. Let us know how you feel in the comments or post in our forums.

Source: CVG

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