New character class DLC coming to ‘Borderlands 2’

 New character class DLC coming to ‘Borderlands 2’

Gearbox has been hinting at a new character class coming to Borderlands 2 for a while now. At South by Southwest this year, they finally gave a hint as to what it could be.

During a panel, they had a teaser trailer regarding ‘Deep beneath Pandora, an experiment has escaped,’ then ‘Bandits beware, a new Vault Hunter is coming. More mayhem awaits’

Check out the trailer below:

[youtube id=”pzFA2W1AvaM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Signs are pointing to a melee class, and Joystiq reports that it won’t be included in the Season Pass, similar to the Mechromancer.

Sounds pretty cool though, Borderlands 2 did have a lack of a melee class from the first title. Hopefully this appeases the fans who want to beat people up into blood.

How do you feel about a melee class being added to Borderlands 2? Let us know in the comments below or post in our forums

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