‘The Walking Dead Season Two’ hitting Fall 2013 *UPDATE*

 ‘The Walking Dead Season Two’ hitting Fall 2013 *UPDATE*

Update: Game Informer recently spoke to Telltale and they confirmed that instead of next year, it’ll be fall this year! Nice!

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely loved Telltale’s work with The Walking Dead franchise. After finishing its first season of gripping episodic adventure games late last year, many were left eagerly awaiting season two. That wait may be longer than expected.

Eurogamer ran into Telltale CEO Dan Conners after the recent BAFTA awards, and managed to pry a few pieces of info out of him. When questioned about a possible release date, Conners said the studio is aiming for “fall next year.” Regarding next-gen console releases, Conners explained, “I would think so, though, but it’s all going to depend on timing I guess.”

The exact reasoning behind the long wait isn’t known, but Conners has confirmed that more Walking Dead content is heading our way beforehand. News regarding this content should be released in the near future, and is promised to be “different.”

What do you want from season two of Telltale’s The Walking Dead? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: It has been reported that the “Fall 2014” date was actually reported incorrectly. Telltale Games has confirmed that the second season will launch in the “Fall of 2013” instead. You can calm down now.

Source: Eurogamer
Via: Destructoid

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