Rumor: Sony will have 16 million PS4 units at launch

 Rumor: Sony will have 16 million PS4 units at launch

It has become an expectation lately for a new console launch to be met with unit shortages as companies fail to correctly gauge consumer demand (or they know what they’re doing and want to watch the world burn). Sony, however, will have none of that.

PlayStation Universe, citing the “all-knowing” “sources” manufacturing console components, Sony is planning on eliminating shortages by having 16 million PlayStation 4 units available the day the console releases. That’s 16. With six zeroes. The day the console comes out. Now you don’t have an excuse¬†not to get one! This also means I won’t have to worry about the scary people who want the console more than I do and will do anything to get it. It also means I better start saving my money, because now that there might be a surplus of units, I can make this a Day 1 purchase.

Will you be buying Sony’s new console, or are you waiting for what Microsoft has planned? Tell us in the comments, or discuss the PS4 in our forums!

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