‘Rock Band’ downloadable content will exit the stage in April

 ‘Rock Band’ downloadable content will exit the stage in April

Rock Band has had a long lifespan since 2007 even when the plastic instrument phase left everyone. But after 275 consecutive weeks with DLC, they’re coming to a close.

April 2 will mark the final week for new DLC for Rock Band, Harmonix announced. They do have a lot of content planned beforehand with the rest of the Rock Band Blitz soundtrack, more Pro Guitar tracks and artists that still haven’t appeared in the title.

The DLC sale they had a while back for 50% off a selection of over 1,100 songs will be continuing thanks to the community. It’s definitely sad but totally understandable. Rock Band DLC was some of the first DLC I ever purchased for my Xbox 360 and the times I had with friends playing that game were amazing memories from drunk drumming to singing ‘Sabotage’.

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Source: Harmonix

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