‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ multiplayer modes detailed

 ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ multiplayer modes detailed

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be arriving to the 3DS next month with a robust single-player mode, but multiple multiplayer game types will also be included in the final product.

This morning, during the Nintendo Direct conference, the Mario company discussed some of  the latest competitive and cooperative features making their way to the haunted mansion. Up to four players can participate in either local or online play, with each member controlling a different color of Luigi. One mode will involve climbing something called the “Scare Scrapper,” capturing a multitude of ghosts along with way. A Hunter Mode will also be included, where teams must escape each floor within a set amount of time.

These are the key pieces of Dark Moon’s multiplayer puzzle, but expect further play types when the game hits North America March 24.

Will you be playing the next Luigi title online, or with a friend sitting on your couch? Let us know what your plans are by leaving a comment below!

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