Next ‘Madden’ release date confirmed, ‘Madden 25’ could be the name

 Next ‘Madden’ release date confirmed, ‘Madden 25’ could be the name

For quite some time, since Madden ’92 to be exact, we’ve consistently seen a year associated with each entry of John Madden’s NFL title. Tradition may just be on its way out the door for the latest entry of Madden NFL, however.

If you were expecting this year’s offering by EA SPORTS to be called Madden NFL 14 like the rest of us, don’t let yourself get too attached to the name. A post on the EA SPORTS website has hinted that this year’s version will instead be called Madden 25 as we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary for the beloved series. A release date of August 27th, 2013 was listed but no additional details were mentioned outside of “Check back soon for more details regarding Madden 25.”

The series has traditionally had some sort of reveal or discussion peak during the Super Bowl, and we would imagine that EA SPORTS has similar plans this year. It’s possible that the Madden NFL 14 name could still stay and that Madden 25 is simply a special edition of sorts or just a one-year commemoration. We expect EA SPORTS to reveal some clarity on the situation in the near future, but for now it’s all speculation.

What do you think EA SPORTS has planned for the upcoming version of Madden NFL? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Madden NFL in our forums.

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