Wii U’s price drops in the UK

 Wii U’s price drops in the UK

Looking for a cheaper Wii U a few months after launch, UK readers? The price for the Wii U premium black bundle has just dropped at popular retailer, Simply Games.

The discounted Nintendo product was spotted by none other than a crafty NeoGaf forum member, who posted the online listing from SimplyGames. The games outlet has priced that the Wii U 32GB bundle at £249.99, which is about £60 less than the launch day price.

Nintendo’s 3DS saw a reduction in price just five months after launch, so if the Wii U is performing below the company’s lofty standards, we could also be seeing a quick discount for the multi-screen console.

For now, this could just be a test run.

What do you think this price reduction means? Is it just a case of too much stock, or will the Wii U’s price drop for good? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Source: Gameranx 

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