Bethesda files trademark for ‘Fallout’ TV show

 Bethesda files trademark for ‘Fallout’ TV show

Bethesda has been busy the past couple of years, snapping up companies and licenses like nobody’s business to widen their shed of properties. Earlier this month, they moved forward into a different medium: television.

According to the Fallout wiki, Bethesda registered a trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “entertainment serices in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world. The trademark is specifically referred to as Fallout as well.

This sheds more light on last week’s bit about Erik Dellums, the voice of Three Dog, teasing that there might be more of his character on the way. Is Dellums going to be on the television show? Don’t rule it out, but don’t rule out the Fallout 4 speculation either.

What do you think about a television show based on the series? Bright idea or apocalyptic failure? Tell us in the comments, or discuss its chances in the forums!

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