Sony patents system to block used games

 Sony patents system to block used games

This industry sometimes. We’re on the cusp of really hitting our stride in terms of the medium coming into its own. But we’re also at the point where men in suits want to capitalize on it. Case in point, look at Sony. A poster over at NeoGAF has dug up a patent submitted September 12, 2012 that describes a system to block the play of used videogames.

The patent, which can be read here, describes a system of each game coming with a unique identifier that ties to your PSN account. Once you place the new game in your console and boot it up, that game will forever be linked to your account. Which means you can’t let your friend borrow the game, unless he pays Sony a, let’s say $10, fee. Because you know that’s how this is going to work. A platform-wide online pass, all controlled by Sony. Justified by their oh so righteous crusade against “piracy”, when piracy isn’t even an issue in this case.

Sony hasn’t commented on the patent, and I seriously doubt this system will be implemented since it’d require every PlayStation 4 to have an internet connection. But it wouldn’t surprise me if something like this is implemented further on down the road. I’m incredibly excited by the future of videogames. But shit like this scares the ever living hell out of me.

via NeoGAF

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