Winter break ‘Mass Effect 3’ update Dec. 21

 Winter break ‘Mass Effect 3’ update Dec. 21

With Christmas just a week away and our imminent death even closer, BioWare has announced that it will offer a few goodies to all Mass Effect 3 players, starting Dec. 21.

The aforementioned “goodies” include the unlocking of three different kits (Drell Assassin, Batarian Slasher, and Volus Protector), all Hazard maps being made available and two new card packs.

Also of note, “there will be no N7 Bounty Weekends for the weekends of December 28th or January 4th.”

Hopefully those extras will keep your virtual stocking stuffed during the holidays. Leave a comment below if you’ll be hopping into Mass Effect 3 multiplayer during the holidays!

Image courtesy of Gamefront

Source BioWare

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