‘Far Cry 3’ has massive 6.2GB install on PlayStation 3

 ‘Far Cry 3’ has massive 6.2GB install on PlayStation 3

The next jungle-themed adventure from Ubisoft is as pretty as ever, but for the PlayStation 3 owners looking to dig into the lush open world of Far Cry 3 this week, all those beautiful graphics equal a massive install.

Far Cry 3 will require a 6.2GB installation, which almost rivals the 8GB install seen in Metal gear Solid 4 back in 2008. For anyone with a packed hard drive and little desire to delete older content, this could be a problem. All those trees, rivers and animals need some space in order to roam free, and sadly, they’ll be occupying your PlayStation 3’s hard drive for the duration of the game.

It may be smart to clear up some date before you pick up Far Cry 3 tomorrow on PlayStation 3, but don’t forget that it’s also making its way to PC and Xbox 360.

Are you going to pick up this game on PS3? If so, do you need to make some room for it? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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