‘Black Ops II’ PS3 patch released to fix freezing issues

 ‘Black Ops II’ PS3 patch released to fix freezing issues

The online multiplayer of Call of Duty: Black Ops II has been experiencing various issues since its launch last week, and a patch has been released in an attempt to combat these problems.

A 58 MB title update has been promptly delivered to all the PlayStation 3 players out there, which is meant to fix connectivity issues across the board. However, there are currently no patch notes to explain just what has been done to the online experience, and many players are still reporting a less-than-stellar experience.

“A patch has been released to fix the lock-up/freeze issues affecting Call of Duty: Black Ops II online gameplay on PlayStation 3,” reads an update on Activision’s website. “Simply boot up Black Ops II and sign in to play online, and the patch will install automatically. Again, we thank you for your patience during this matter.”

The team’s doing its best to address the issues, but a new patch may be in order to clean the rest of the mess up.

Are you experiencing any issues with Black Ops II’s multiplayer? If so, what are you running into? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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