Wii U suffers massive security flaw via Miiverse

 Wii U suffers massive security flaw via Miiverse

Today, as gamers all across the world celebrate the release of the Wii U, a massive security issue has been discovered within the system. If you’ve participated within the Miiverse, we highly recommend that you ensure you use a unique password or change the one you’re currently using.

A thread at NeoGAF emerged today that showcases a user experimenting with the Miiverse and ultimately finding a debug menu. The user was able to discover a list of all admins within Miiverse, as well as regenerate their password or delete their account. There are quite a few images posted within the thread, but it’s a scary issue to flare up on the first day of the system’s launch.

The user who discovered the information stated that he wasn’t particularly looking for this menu at all. His later ramblings within the thread point that he’s not very familiar with some of the technical terms that are mentioned so it’s a very likely story. For someone with no typical expertise in that area to casually find this information is quite scary. We’ve yet to receive official word or see a statement from Nintendo, but we’ll be updating the story as more information emerges.

Are you scared to use Miiverse after this security flaw emerged? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss the Wii U in our forums.

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