More ‘Sleeping Dogs’ DLC announced, will add a new island

 More ‘Sleeping Dogs’ DLC announced, will add a new island

There was talk last month of future DLC for Sleeping Dogs, and Square Enix has decided to let us in on some specifics. And hang in there with me, because there’s a lot of information. Multiple new packs will be released over the holiday season, the largest of which will be the Zodiac Tournament Pack. Bringing with it an entirely new island, players will once again take the role of Wei Shen, who has been invited to partake in a fighting tournament. The usual slew of new enemies, cut-scenes, etc. can be expected. An exact release date is currently unknown. This is, of course, the second expansion like this after last month’s Nightmare in North Point.

As for what’s available now, the DLC consists mostly of what were previously pre-order bonuses for the game. Purchasing the Dragon Master pack, priced at 640MSP and $7.99, nets you all of the pre-order content. With this comes a range of new clothing, missions, races, and a new weapon or two for good measure.

Additionally, the Square Enix character pack will be released November 14th, for 160MSP or $1.99, unless you happen to be playing on an American PS3, then you’ll have to wait until the 20th. As the name implies, new clothing will be added that resembles protagonists from other Square Enix properties. Unfortunately Square didn’t go completely crazy with this, as it will only focus on Hitman, Deus Ex, and Just Cause.

Looking further into the future, the Drunken Fist and Gangland packs have also been announced, but currently have no date or price. These will add a new fighting style as well as the ability to change Wei’s tattoos. The folks at United Front Games certainly weren’t lying when they said they had a lot of DLC planned for Sleeping Dogs.

Are you planning on picking up anything from this smorgasbord of content? Let us know in the comments below.

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