‘Minecraft Xbox 360’ gets a patch, fresh produce

 ‘Minecraft Xbox 360’ gets a patch, fresh produce

Another in the long list of updates and fixes for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 is on its way, as 1.8.2 is on its way. The patch will fix a multitude of bugs, as well as add a few new features, including cakes and produce.

One of the biggest bug fixes a recurring error in which online and splitscreen modes crash the game. Additionally, issues with malfunctioning pressure plates will also be addressed.  The list of fixes is extensive and also includes milder things such as sound files not triggering. In terms of straight updates, players will now be able to make stackable cakes. golden apples, and pumpkin seeds. While only gold ingot is used for these, the next update is already planned and will introduce gold nuggets. Additionally, 4J Studios also seeks to add villagers to the next update. Check out the entire list here.

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