‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ Navy SEAL consultants disciplined for involvement

 ‘Medal of Honor: Warfighter’ Navy SEAL consultants disciplined for involvement

Last month’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter was not met with high acclaim, but the developer was nothing if not thorough in its preparation for development. Danger Close hired seven active duty Navy SEALs as consultants for the game in order to achieve maximum realism as a leg-up against rival military shooter Call of Duty. This did not go over well with the soldiers’ superiors.

The seven men who served as consultants are now being disciplined for their actions, and four additional former SEALs are under active investigation. The crime is that Navy SEALs are not allowed to share any information about their exploits, or allow themselves to be cast under the spotlight. Exceptions exist, such as the pseudo-recruiting action film Act of Valor (which actually starred SEALs), but this was not. One of the men in the squad was part of the raid in Osama Bin Laden, but more importantly the consultants allegedly gave away classified information.

As punishment, each of the soldiers are receiving 50% pay cuts for two months and are effectively banned from rank ascension in the SEALs.

Did you play Warfighter, or have anything to say about the game’s accuracy? As long as it doesn’t involve military secrets, tell us your thoughts in the comments, or discuss this story in the forums!

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