‘Grand Theft Auto V’ details, screenshot and projected sales

 ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ details, screenshot and projected sales

We did post a rumor about a ton of Grand Theft Auto V details and some of them are ringing true. In the latest issue of Shortlist magazine, the protagonist of the game is said to be an “East Coast Gangster” who moves to Los Santos to get away and start a new life. Sounds pretty familiar to the rumored Vincent DeSilva. The synopsis reads “But, as in The Godfather III, just as he thought he was out, they pulled him back in.”

Another detail seemed to be that rapper The Game told Radio Station Wired 96.5 that he has done some voice acting for the game. Not sure if he’ll reprise his role as Mark “B-Dup” Wayne from GTA: San Andreas due to the setting of Los Santos but anything is certain.

The digital issue of Game Informer with all the details should be coming in a couple hours but in the meantime, enjoy this new screenshot!

Last bit of news isn’t huge but it’s a prediction that could be very on the nose about its impending release. Gamespot reported that EEDAR analyst Jesse Divinich expects GTA V to sell upwards of 25 million copies. This sounds pretty much true as previous releases have sold amazingly well with GTA IV selling 3.6 million in one day alone.

Got your pre-order for GTA V all ready? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Polygon, Gamespot

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