‘Halo 4’ rewarding multiplayer hours with MS Points

 ‘Halo 4’ rewarding multiplayer hours with MS Points

Halo 4 owners who plan on sinking dozens of hours this month into 343 Industries’ blockbuster shooter should sign up for Xbox Live Rewards, as Microsoft Points will be doled out to space marines with can’t get enough of Master Chief’s latest adventure.

If you’re interested, you can sign up now and begin putting as many hours as your schedule permits into Halo 4’s online modes. The offer will give gamers a chance to win up to 800 points. Playing at least 35 hours of multiplayer will get you 100 Points , which transforms into 300 when 70 hours is passed, then 600 when you hit 140.

A small return system for buying Halo-related goods is also a method to getting some extra Points. Buying up to 1500 MSP worth of these particular items will get you 100 MSP back, while 200 MSP will be returned for a shopping cart carrying 3000 MSP worth of stuff.

Are you really getting that much back in the grand scheme of things? No, but it’s free to sign up, so there’s really no harm in participating.

Are you a member of this rewards system? Do you plan on playing that many hours of Halo 4 this month? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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