‘Halo 4’ updates might add campaign theater mode and clan support

 ‘Halo 4’ updates might add campaign theater mode and clan support

Halo 4 is out today, and already large updates are being planned for feature additions. Representatives for Halo Waypoint have stated that future updates may add clan support and a theater mode for Spartan Ops and the campaign.

While there was a Theater mode planned and started during the development of Halo 4, the unfinished mode did not make it into the game in time for release, 343 will be adding it in in the future. Jessica Shea, a representative for Halo Waypoint and 343, said that the idea is for the title updates for be used for more than just bug fixes–ideally, new features and gameplay options should become available for players in due time.

Part of the clan support update will include even more in-depth statistical data for players to access. 343 refers to the mode as a means for “social constructs” and implies that there will be even more following it. “We’re looking at interesting ways to improve those [social] experiences in the not-too-distant future,” said Shea.

How is Halo 4? Expect our review soon, but in the meantime, tell us what features you’d like to see in Halo 4 title updates in our forums!

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