The first round of Wii U reviews hit the public

 The first round of Wii U reviews hit the public

Popular UK magazine GamesMaster has reviewed Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. Uboth being launch titles for Nintendo’s new home console that’s slated to release on November 30th in that region. In the publication’s latest issue Nintendo Land received an 86%, citing “a heck of a lot more to it” supposedly than what the game may seem. As for NSMB U, 82% was awarded, with the reviewer being “surprised” by Nintendo’s efforts in innovation throughout the game’s later levels.

Nintendo Land is available as both a stand-alone retail title and as part of the Premium Wii U bundle. The game offers players the ability to visit various Nintendo-themed attractions that contain specific gameplay elements related to each featured Nintendo minigame. The game emphasises local multiplayer for the best experience, with most attractions featuring one player on the GamePad and other players looking at the main television screen.

New Super Mario Bros. U on the other hand is the latest home-console offering of the series also utilising the GamePad for local multiplayer shenanigans. The title features many of the similar elements introduced on the original Wii’s iteration of the series (Yoshis, four-player co-op) however the experience is now enhanced by the new controller and high definition graphics.

How do you think these games will fare once more outlets get their hands on them? Are you planning on picking either of these up? Join the Wii U hype train below or triple jump over to our forums.

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