‘Sleeping Dogs’ will have six months of DLC

 ‘Sleeping Dogs’ will have six months of DLC

Sleeping Dogs had a pretty tumultuous past, and has luckily seen some success since launch. And now with the support of Square-Enix, United Front Games has stated that the game will have DLC distributed over six months. In an interview with OPM, producer Dan Sochan discussed the developers relationship with Square, and the goals for this future DLC.

Sochan explains, “Square, from the very beginning, were showing that they believed in us and believed in this game as a potential franchise.” This support also brought with it the desire for post-release content, and the developer has been happy to oblige. Already a few minor pieces of DLC have been available, and the Halloween themed adventure Nightmare in Northpoint releases today.

Continuing with the idea behind the Halloween content, Sochan states that they will try to, “explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema and ones that are a little more serious.” Knowing this, we can look forward to exploring the streets of Hong Kong into next year.

Are you planning on sticking with Sleeping Dogs for the upcoming content? Let us know in the comments below.

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